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Digital Gold

What’s the difference between silver and gray? How about gold and tan? If you’ve ever tried to incorporate gold and silver into a design or print piece, you know that without the essential reflective, metallic element, you simply end up with gray or tan. To print metallic colors, you need to print using metallic ink. […]

7 Favorite New Promotional Products for 2015

A promotional product that works as a marketing technique has to check a few key boxes. It must be useful or the product ends up stashed away in a desk drawer. It must be visible, so your brand is front and center to your prospects every time they use the product. But most importantly, a promotional product has to stand […]

Brochure Folding Options

Brochure Folding Options Brochures can be folded in a range of styles, and each has a dramatic impact on the look of your final piece. A tri fold or gated fold places emphasis on the center interior pages, while Z fold and accordion fold give equal importance to all pages.

Reproducing the Colors of the American Flag

Consistent branding means nailing that exact shade of red, white or blue in your company logo. Of course, the same applies to representing our nation’s colors. The exact color specifications for the flag of the United States of America are: Old Glory Blue Pantone: 282C, RGB: 0, 33, 71 CMYK: 100, 87, 37, 51   […]